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NHS Fife

App screenshots of welcome and exercise pages

A health app for young people to practice well-being exercises.

Joint project


3 months



To research and design a digital experience for young people that improves their emotional well-being in Fife.



Working with NHS Fife, we created interactive prototypes based on their static material which enabled the launch of a design enquiry.

Participants presenting to stakeholders at the council


Myself and another interaction designer at DJCAD were approached by NHS Fife and Fife Council to lead an R&D project into emotional well-being.



A large percentage of this project was planning and research, we held stakeholder meetings with the council and NHS, visited schools in Fife to conduct user research and met with clinical psychologists to discuss their current curriculum.

Boards the participants used to convey their ideas

School visits

To our surprise, even pupils as young as 6 had a comprehensive understanding of emotional well-being due to current classroom activities that rise in complexity as they move through the school.


Support at home

While support in school was readily available, there weren’t clear resources to use at home. The only interactive support was through a national helpline, which pupils told us they were reluctant to use as it felt like it should be used in an emergency and they didn’t like to call people.

App screenshots of the breathing exercise to help in stressful situations

Interactive exercises

Pupils suggested that instead of worksheets, interactive digital experiences would be more engaging. We developed several prototypes based on the NHS Fife curriculum.


User feedback

Once we had created low-fidelity interactive prototypes we asked the pupils to test them. The feedback from pupils on the useability of the exercises was crucial for iterating the prototypes for future stakeholder meetings.

Ideas from the classroom that were voted on by the participants

Stakeholder feedback

NHS Fife and Fife Council representatives were impressed with the findings and initial prototypes. Stressing the importance of being available to all pupils, we decided further development should be directed to a single web app that could be used on any device (including school-supplied laptops)



Our initial findings were used to launch a collaborative enquiry with Edinburgh based research company Space Unlimited. We worked over several days to enable high school pupils to develop their own support solutions and present them to decision-makers at the council.

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