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App screenshot of the sign up and homepage of Oink

A banking app for young people that puts parents at ease.

Group project

Design Sprint

2 days



Creating a safe and transparent environment for children to take their first steps toward financial independence.



An app concept with parallel experiences that introduces children to banking, while keeping parents in the loop.

Photo of the presentation at the start of the design sprint


I was invited to take part in a design sprint at Facebook’s London HQ. It was run by Facebook-funded TTC Labs, with the theme of transparency. On arrival, we were split into teams with a product designer from Facebook assigned to each.



Our team of 7 had a broad mix of skills, from UX researchers and product designers to anthropologists and financial analysts. I was responsible for all the UI and personalisation.

App screenshots of the verification process


Due to the time constraints, we were provided material to accelerate the research phase, with documents including personas. We used these to quickly generate ideas to test.


Parallel experiences

We decided on a concept with two experiences. For children, it was crucial that they felt able to make their own financial decisions and for parents, they needed reassurance that it was safe.

In-app popup asking if the user understands what standing orders are

Personalised tips

Using an interactive quiz, we were able to personalise the in-app tips to teach the young person about banking terms they weren’t sure of.



As an additional revenue stream, rewards were used to give discounts to the user based on spending. Businesses could pay to be featured splitting the discount given to the user with the bank.

Popup for guardians to approve transactions for their child


To test these concepts, we would carry out testing with pairs of parents and children and survey business’ interest in the offers.



At the end of the sprint, we presented our concept to design managers at Facebook. They were impressed with the prototype and encouraged us to look at further actions that would be improved by the parallel experience. We won the award for User Centricity.

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